Online Video Infrastructure: OVI+

In order to support fast-changing and evolving online landscape, all aspects of online video infrastructure must be designed - namely video content management, encoding, adaptive bit rate, advertisements, analytics etc. OVI+ (TM, patent pending) has been developed to implement all of the above from scratch with in-house and industry standard leading edge concepts. Additionally, numerous other features are added to provide a superb viewing experience. OVI+ (TM, patent pending) is fully capable of streaming from our own Content Delivery Network (CDN) server or from third party video servers like YouTube, Vimeo etc., through API calls to these media platforms. It can stream multiple real-time channels and support a video database. Live webcast capability is also present. Another key addition is the possibility for users to upload their contents which will then be archive and broadcast if our criteia are met. Key pieces of innovation, a web-based scheduler and a Schedule Management System (SMS) are being designed and yet to be employed.

OVI+ (TM, patent pending) supports web enabled devices like a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android phones, smart-phones, tablets, etc. And it is GoogleTV Ready!

BDeshTV technology architechture:

WorldWide NRB TV!
...More than a TV
...More than a video database!