Outreach Program

For Individuals:
Global Ambassadors : renowned personalities and celebrities promoting OVI+ (TM, patent pending) and BDeshTV.com.
Global Executive Producers : Recognized and proven content producers who provide contents to BDeshTV.
Global Representatives : Our representatives in different cities or regions around the world who promote the BDeshTV brand and who acquire advertising revenue: they are also the people to whom local content is sent.
Global Reporters/Content Providers : people who send us reports or media contents on a regular basis.
Global Friends : Any person who is enthusiastic about BDeshTV and wants to help it grow.

For Organizations or Companies:
Global Media Partners: Strategic and business partners.
Global Affiliates: Organizations or entities with whom we affilate for mutual benefit.

If you would like to participate in any of our Outreach Program, please contact:
Mr. Nizam Uddin
Tel: 512-731-6572

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